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Santander to Expand Ripple (XRP)-Powered Payment Platform

ripple santander

Banco Santander recently announced the expansion of its Ripple (XRP)-powered OnePay FX Platform to…

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XRP News: Post-SWELL Edition

Ripple, in its earliest days, was small and humble;  the lack of resources forced…

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Ripple Payment Report: 75% Firms Want to Use Digital Assets as Payment


Ripple’s annual conference, Swell 2018, has brought together industry leaders in the domain of…

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Ripple: Cross-border Payments Market Would be Worth $47 Trillion by 2026

On the second day of Swell 2018, Ripple unveiled a report on “Blockchain in…

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Ripple Grapples With Its $21 Billion ‘Gorilla’: Crypto Asset Adoption

xrp ripple swell panel

The organizers of Ripple’s two-day Swell conference in San Francisco didn’t beat around the…

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