XRP Demand Increases, Says Latest Wirex Survey – People Prefer XRP Over Bitcoin (BTC)

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XRP is gaining more popularity with each passing day.

Wirex is a zero-fee platform for storing, buying, and exchanging crypto and fiat currency.

The website boasts more than 1.8 million users and the latest survey conducted by the platform shows some pretty exciting evolutions.

They have recently conducted a survey via Twitter and asked people which crypto they prefer.

People prefer XRP

The choices were Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and XRP.

Even if the survey is not complete yet, 73% of the respondents have already said that they would definitely use XRP instead of other significant cryptos.

Wirex asked people if a runner has to go from NYC to Las Vegas which crypto should he use to make his first purchase.

It’s true that Bitcoin still is the world’s dominant crypto, and it has a market cap of more than $109 billion, but 10% of the people that have been surveyed by now said that they would recommend BTC to make a purchase.

9% of the people surveyed said that the runner should choose LTC and 2%, ETH.

We have a remarkable community in #TeamCrypto & we want your input every step of the way for the @paymentsrace!
Our runner @maxmeilleur can only use crypto to get from NYC – Vegas

Which #crypto should his first purchase be in?#BTC #LTC #XRP #ETH #cryptocommunity #cryptotwitter

— Wirex (@wirexapp) October 14, 2018

Ripple’s recent notable developments

Ripple Labs, the company that developed XRP, has definitely made massive progress with the developments of its suite of financial products.

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xRapid recently went live, and three companies have already agreed to use it. Ripple also teamed up with more than 120 financial institutions in order to help them expedite cross-border transactions with the help of RippleNet.

Ripple was recently called by the World Trade Organization the company that can revolutionize international trade.

The company’s latest developments support this statement.

xRapid went live not too long ago, and it already triggered enhanced interest in the crypto space, and now Ripple’s Xpring does the same thing.

xRapid and xCurrent boosted the adoption of Ripple’s technologies and now Xpring is set to change everything and it could trigger mass adoption of XRP.

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